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We cover excellently, power and energy solutions. Our electrical project team consist of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians armed with update technologies and tools and are always on hand to deliver innovative and quality engineering services from conceptualization to commissioning in the area of ELV, LV and MV applications.

Medium Voltage Electrical Services

Pewasco Industrial Electrical Projects

  • Design, procurement, construction and installation of 33/11/0.415KV electrical substations
  • Design, procurement, construction and installation of 33/11/0.415KV overhead and underground lines
  • Procurement and installation of 33KV and 11KV switchgears up to 36KA
  • Procurement and installation of indoor and outdoor VTs, CTs and Tripping units
  • Procurement and installation of power and distribution transformers
  • Procurement and installation of Industrial Stabilizer (AVR)
  • Testing and commissioning of substation equipment and installations

Low Voltage Services and Electrical Panels

Pewasco Rural Electrification Projects

  • Design, construction and installation of low voltage electrical panels;
    • Automatic panels - Synchronization (grid and generators), AMF and ATS
    • Distribution panel - Up to 6300A free standing metalclad, up 250A wall mounted and manual changeover
    • Starter panels - VFD, Soft starter, Star-delta and Direct-on-line
    • Reactive energy solution - Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panel
    • Phase Reversal/sequence correction panel
  • Power Systems Analysis and Audit (energy consumption analysis, balancing of 3-phase wiring system and energy improvement & savings)
  • Procurement and installation of medium & low voltage power cable
  • Cabling and cable support network
  • Earthing, Surge and Lightning protection system

Building Electrical & Mechanical Services

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting system
  • Hot and cold water distribution network
  • Drainage and Sewage network
  • Smoke & Heat Detection
  • Data & Voice Communication System
  • Access control & CCTV

Pewasco Industrial Electrical Projects

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